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Let's talk wheels! Part 1

Posted by Danielle Peddigrew on

If you're new to rollerskating (or even if you're not) you're probably confused about all the different wheel options. I know I sure was, so I figured I'd do a couple articles on wheels now over the summer.

First things first, this is a general summary along with my personal experiences. There can be exceptions but these articles are meant to be used as a starting point for your own research. I would also like to add that you can learn to roller skate on whatever wheels are on your skate currently. Skating can be an expensive habit so don't worry if changing wheels isn't currently in your budget.  :) 


  • Durometer is a way of measuring hardness, in our case its talking about the hardness of our skate wheels.
  • Different surfaces require different types of wheels! 
  • A low number means the wheels are softer, making them grippy and great for beginners. Having more grip will likely help you feel more secure. 
  • A higher number means the wheels are harder and have less grip. These are great for use on a slick surface or for skaters looking for more speed.
  • Diameter is essentially the height of the wheel.
  • Most wheel heights are within the same range
  • Wheels that are 62mm or bigger are usually recommended for outdoor/trail skating.


  • The width of the wheel can change how it feels.
  • A wider wheel will be more stable but will also add weight to your skate.
  • A narrower wheel. while less stable, weigh less and allow skaters to be more agile. For newer skaters, the durometer and diameter is likely more important than the width/weight. However the width does have an effect on speed/agility and we can touch on that more in another article.

I think the best thing a skater can do is to think about the surface they want to skate on and then find the wheels for the job. I personally have a set of indoor wheels, outdoor wheels (leisurely skating) and park wheels. However I believe I started off on a hybrid (indoor/outdoor) wheel and that did the job! Feel free to shoot us a message to ask for a recommendation. 
- Cruella D. Kill 


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