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The Original 187 Wrist Guard vs. The 187 Derby Wrist Guard

Posted by Danielle Peddigrew on


Today I’m going to chat a little bit about the two types of 187 wrist guards. 187 Killer Pads came out with a slightly different version of their classic wrist guard, made specifically for roller derby! After trying both versions I felt like it was time to share my personal thoughts as well as what the manufacturer has to say.

First up is the classic 187 wrist guard.

It is said to be the optimum solution for wrist protection and its design encases the wrist to provide safety from certain injuries related to skating and other action sports. I’ve worn these wrist guards for both leisurely skating, park skating and during roller derby games. The fit is nice and I definitely feel safe falling in them.


Next we’ll take a look at the slightly different, 187 derby wrist guard.

At first glance you’ll notice the shape is slightly different! The 187 derby wrist guard was made with features to keep athletes well protected and less restricted.

While they’re designed to be less restrictive, they still feel strong! I like that the protective part on your wrist covers a larger area than a traditional wrist guard. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to wear them in a game yet, (thanks covid) but as far as regular skating goes, they’re great! I feel like they could also be a good option for anyone looking for more stability in a wrist guard but that’s just my thoughts!

- Cruella D. Kill


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